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Colombia Birdfair en Cali: la feria más importante de observación de aves en Colombia

Colombia Birdfair in Cali:

The best birdwatching festival at the Valle del Cauca region

February marks a significant event in the realm of Latin American ornithology as Cali hosts the Colombia Birdfair. Regarded as a pinnacle gathering, this fair stands as the country's premier platform dedicated to the science (and art!) of bird watching in the Colombia.

In the style of a massive festival that brings together Colombian birders and bird watchers from around the world, the Colombia Birdfair 2023 is an ornithological conference open to the public. It not only addresses the most outstanding topics and advances in the scientific field of bird watching, but also shares the most up-to-date information with fans and those who are interested in the preservation and sighting of birds in South America.

At Spiwak Hotels, we invite you to learn more about this celebration that every year raises greater awareness (and fascination) about the status and protection of birds in Colombia.

Logo de Colombia Birdfair

What is Colombia Birdfair?

Established in 2015, this event has quickly become one of the most prestigious bird festivals in Colombia, drawing visitors from near and far to participate in talks, exhibitions, and group birdwatching outings.

Held annually in Cali, this conference in Cali is also an important platform for showcasing conservation projects throughout Colombia and the region.

As one of the most significant ornithology congresses in South America, the Colombia Birdfair has helped promote birdwatching tourism in southwestern Colombia and support for local communities in both economic and ecological terms, raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural environments.

The festival owes its success to the hard work of the founding organization, the Association Río Cali, as well as other local and international groups and sponsors who have turned the Colombia Birdfair into a true environmental movement.

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What to do in Colombia Birdfair?

Among the array of festivals traditionally celebrated in Colombia, the Colombia Birdfair stands out as one of Cali's newer events, yet it's also one of the most serene.

Maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility is paramount, evident in the hushed tones during the numerous talks and the peaceful ambiance for observing bird specimens on the guided outdoor walks, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

In addition to the scientific community, this emblematic meeting of ornithologists in Cali also offers interesting workshops for those who wish to take birding in Colombia as a hobby or way of life.

The festival provides a space for children as well, with a special programming designed to encourage them to become future conservationists.

This symposium is also special because it includes a module of inclusive nature tourism in Colombia, with the establishment of the first four bird watching routes for people with visual disabilities in South America.

This allows blind visitors and others with physical disabilities to enjoy the soundscape of different destinations in our country that are beginning to be qualified for this profile of tourists interested in bird sighting in Colombia.

Finally, it's worth noting that this grand fair annually invites international speakers to discuss the challenges and achievements in conservation and bird watching in Latin America.

Hundreds of visitors are expected to attend these conferences, as well as the commercial exhibition and photographic exhibitions that take place throughout this beautiful festival, organized by the Cali Zoo and other institutions.

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Los niños también participan en Colombia Birdfair.
Kids also have a part in Colombia Birdfair
La Feria Internacional de Aves de Colombia, Colombia Birdfair, se realiza todos los años en Cali a mitad de febrero
Colombia Birdfair always takes place on February

Essential information about birdwatching in Colombia

Watching birds in Colombia has become a recreation that is gaining more followers every day, with the arrival of hundreds of tourists who year after year are attracted by the biodiversity of our country.

Colombia's position as a world leader in birdwatching has led to the progressive growth of environmental initiatives and tourism ventures that encourage the protection of Colombian birdlife, and that make our national territory the destination par excellence for meeting birdwatchers.

In this article, you can learn more about the most popular destinations for bird watching in Colombia, especially in the surroundings of our Sultana del Valle.

But if you simply want to learn more about this fascinating topic, or join an active and committed birdwatching group, attending the Colombia Birdfair is an excellent step to immerse yourself with a community that has much to offer you about this beautiful hobby.

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So, we're looking forward to seeing you in Cali and we invite you not to miss out on this wonderful festival. What are you waiting for to come? 

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