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Large balloon bouquet for table, of different reasons for celebration and colors at the customer's choice

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Small balloon bouquet for table, of different reasons for celebration and colors at the customer's choice.

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Ancheta bubble, is a box decorated with balloons and colors of the customer's choice, ideal to fill with products and give as a gift.

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Large bouquet of 3 balloons, colors of the client's choice and personalized balloon with name or short message.

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Gift packaging for the purchase of any of our stuffed animals.

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Arrive at El Mundo de las Piñatas, locate ourselves in the corridor of success, in front of Pepe Ganga inside the chipichape shopping center.

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Spiwak Hotels In the search to provide a differential service to our guests, it has generated strategic alliances with different brands of the Chipichape Shopping Center, however, Spiwak Hotels does not maintain a contractual relationship, nor is it responsible for the service or product purchased with any of the allied brands; each brand is free to determine the type of product, promotion and/or discount offered, as well as its conditions to be redeemed; being the main one, presenting the key of any of our hotels to make it effective at the time of payment.

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